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Fine / Limp Hair

Hair experiences thinning, is unable to hold curls, lacks body and fullness.  Is sometimes weak and lifeless.

Normal Hair

Hair has minimal breakage or split ends and is strong from the scalp.  Looks and feels clean.

Dry Hair / Dry Scalp

Hair that flakes, is coarse and wiry.

Damaged / Over-processed Hair

Hair suffers from styling products build-up, chlorine, sun exposure, chemicals, and medications.  Hair is always brittle and frizzy.

Chemically Treated Hair

Hair is relaxed, permed, colored and/or straightened.

Oily Hair

Hair is usually moist and sticky to the scalp.

Woman with Short Hair

At this time, our Hair Care Products are available for purchase in the salon only.

Our professionals are available to help you select the RIGHT products designed to enhance YOUR hair type.

Essential Products for Healthy Hair Care

A Good Brush:

The higher quality your hairbrush, the healthier your hair. We recommend Thermal brushes which are designed with snag free handles. Sizes range from small, medium large or jumbo, and we have them in stock in the salon.

The Right Shampoo:

Picking the right shampoo is all about the ingredients. Alfredo Exclusives provide the quality ingredients needed for a rich lather. Using more shampoo is not better. Our products are concentrated and tend to last longer. Alfredo's professionals are available to help you select the right shampoo to enhance YOUR hair type.


Deep conditioners can help repair chemically or heat damaged hair, and add protection. Conditioners are fortified with moisturizing agents that coat the hair for protection and help to leave your hair tangle-free.

A Wide-Toothed Comb or Wet Brush:

Only a wide-toothed comb or wet brush should be used to comb out wet hair to minimize breakage. We have both in stock in the salon.

Shine Serum:

Shine serums help to flatten your hair and eliminate frizz.

A Hairdryer:

The power of a good hairdryer should never be underestimated. The more powerful your dryer, the less drying time needed. With reduced drying time, your hair has less exposure to damaging heat. Alfredo's Salon will custom order you a fine quality hairdryer - discuss with your stylist at your next visit.

Volumizing Mousse, Spray or Straightening Balm:

Volumizing products perform wonders on fine hair.

Hot Rollers / Curing Iron:

These are great for adding body to straight or limp hair to totally change the appearance of your hair. Alfredo's Salon will custom order the appropriate size curling iron for the look and style you desire.

Ceramic Straightening Iron:

For coarse hair or any hair type, this product will help you achieve a pin-straight, silky, shinny look. Invest in a high-quality, professional straightening iron at Alfredo's Salon. It's worth the extra $.

Hair Spray:

A must for holding your style. Hair sprays can also help to protect your hair against heat and UV rays. There are many varieties for every hair texture. Hint - for extra body, lift sections and spray close to the roots.